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Authors Heather Giamboi and Allen Feldman

About The Authors

Allen Feldman and Heather Giamboi are Authors and Speakers on the subject of Out-of-Body Travel and near death like experiences of Heaven. They teach people how to reestablish a personal contact with Heaven and with God. They claim you do not have to physically die in order to visit the various Heavens but can do so through Out-of-Body Tuza (Soul) Travel if guided and instructed properly. Allen and Heather are officially recognized Spiritual Travelers in the teachings of VARDANKAR the Ancient science of Soul movement. They instruct individuals step by step in how to journey to higher and higher levels of heaven and consciousness and to become conscious coworkers with God.

Allen is the author of an Out-of-Body study program that takes his students far beyond so-called Astral Travel, Prayer or Medication and teaches them how to leave there physical bodies and reach the various planes or worlds spoken of in this book.

Perhaps what sets Heather and Allen apart most is that they emphasize the vast differences between the Pure Positive God Worlds beyond Duality, Matter, Energy, Time and Space and what is known as the lower worlds that are often confused as the true God Heavens. They teach methods only known to a few, on how to leave ones physical body and safely move out of the body into the Ecstatic States of consciousness and reach true Self and then God Realization. They teach a series of Spiritual Exercises and methods that are vastly different from prayer and mediation. Finally, not only do they work on the outer through the writing of books, discourses and giving talks but they work with their students on the Inner during dreams and contemplation. More information can be found at www.VARDANKAR.com