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Dialogues With Rebazar Tarzs

     Dialogues with the Masters

Some overflowing reviews from our readers!

Dialogues with the Masters

“A wonderful book that will fill the heart of any sincere and true seeker, and point the way to the hidden spiritual worlds.”
– Damien G., France

“I have never read anything like it in any spiritual teachings, but at the same time very deep inside it feels like I have always known it. It’s the way home, the door to most Sacred of all.”
– Vladimir E., Netherlands

“Spiritual truth that is Soul stirring! The most direct path back to God explained so I can comprehend it!  I will read again and again…”
– Daniel Walton, Washougal, Washington

“Absolutely AMAZING book.. Such inspiration and wisdom all packed into one book. Get ready, get set to catch a wave on the Audible Life Stream back to God.”
– Jovana Smith, California

“This book is helping me to avoid all the pitfalls that make life miserable.  What it can do for me it can do for you. It reveals the pathway to total mastery in your life.”
– John W. Herbert, Parrish, Florida

Thousands of Visits to Heaven and the Heart of God

  “I now know, in the depths of my being, that true spiritual freedom is possible in this lifetime because of the teachings brought to life in this book.  Do your Soul the biggest favor imaginable and read THIS book. ”
-C.G.B. Wilmington, NC.

“Stirs my Self-Soul with Vistas beyond what I previously could imagine…Thank you for this true road map back to Divine Source!!”
-D.J., Pacific NW, USA

“I have listened to the audio chapters over and over…I loved them!  The book is beautifully written and conveyed in a way that is incredibly fantastic, surreal and yet real. Whilst reading the words there was only one thing on my mind: I’m soooooo happy I have found the true path!”
-Shaney, New Zealand

“This book is filled with possibilities to experience the happiness and love I think we all dream of as Souls. Sometimes the Author’s experiences are so vivid and colorfully described, it felt like jumping right into a profoundly moving story and participating. I feel blessed, having been guided both to this book and its Authors.
-Randi A.F. Hult, France

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